Who we are

Who we are

When it comes to CAPEX cost reduction in capital projects, TSX is the number-one reference in the Brazilian market. More than 100 projects have already been developed to renowned companies in different sectors over the last 26 years. Our portfolio includes corporations such as Vale, ArcelorMittal, Votorantim, Usiminas, CSN, Toshiba, Anglo American, Lafarge Holcim, etc.

All that experience in capital projects, internationalization and performance gain has led TSX to develop a unique and proprietary methodology named Total Savings X-cellence ® whose main purpose is CAPEX cost reduction. Other important achievements of our methodology include quality and efficiency in project management, compliance with contract terms, risk mitigation, and project cost reduction.


TSX service technology is sustained by three pillars, as follows:


The practical intelligence generated by years of experience in several projects is a differential of TSX, either in capital direct investment, internationalization, or performance gain.


The second pillar that makes TSX unique on the market is its capacity to integrate subjects efficiently during the development of any corporate project.


The intelligence and integration attributes demand the full comprehension of circumstances and the specific challenges in each project. This is a remarkable and fundamental feature in the relationship between TSX and its customers.


High prices, surplus costs, and schedule delays jeopardize project value generation to stockholders by harming their management credibility. As a consequence, companies may take a risk making significant investments, and not reaching the intended results.

Having developed a business model aiming at the solution of complex demands, TSX contributes to the efficient development of the project and its conclusion within the time and value estimated, thus guaranteeing the commitment to security and quality. All this is achieved by the integration of distinct factors, such as engineering, commercial aspects, and administrative subjects aligned to a tax, fiscal and logistical perspective.

TSX stands for Total Savings X-cellence®, a proprietary methodology meticulously developed and relied on more than 25 years of experience in both the national and international market by the specialized team of TSX

The TSX methodology aims at project CAPEX cost reduction, and has already been applied successfully to over 100 projects of big corporations in different market segments. Aside from savings that may represent up to 11% of direct and indirect savings, the TSX methodology ensures an efficient management of the project throughout each and every step that has contributed to a direct and indirect tax cost reduction of more than 4.2 B to our customers.

The TSX methodology is applied in two stages – from the project conception to its completion – so as to demonstrate the commitment to the customer along the whole investment:

1st Stage – FREEMIUM

Optimization of cost reductions and project risk mitigation from the customer’s baseline (fee-free).

At this stage, the results calculated according to the baseline analyses and verifications are made available.

2nd Stage – PREMIUM

Demonstration of the analyses and methodology qualification by prior indication of a PREMIUM fee for the accomplishment of the reduction targets. After the qualitative demonstration of targets, they will be submitted to the customer for partial or full approval.

Should the project go on, the PREMIUM fee will be applied to the project subsequent stages according to the events along its evolution up to completion.

Our Leaders

Flávio Leite Ferreira

Chief Commercial Officer

Business administrator, Flávio Leite has got a specialization degree from the Board Development Program of Fundação Dom Cabral, having covered subjects related to Strategy, People, Processes, Projects, Marketing and Sales. He also has a wide experience in logistical and expediting operations in Asia, Europe, North America, and Brazil. In charge of the commercial area, he develops sales activities, networking management and the follow-up of customers’ journey at TSX.

José Luís Hormazábal

Chief Operational Officer

Automation engineer, José Luís Hormazábal has a specialization degree from the Board Development Program of Fundação Dom Cabral in subjects related to Strategy, Processes and Projects, with wide experience in setting up industrial projects in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, and expediting operations in Asia, Europe and Americas. In charge of the TSX services operation and the development of new products, he tunes in the company with market value perceptions.

Luiz Fernando Pinto

Market Intelligence

Economist, Luiz Fernando also has a specialization degree from the Board Development Program of Fundação Dom Cabral in subjects related to Strategy, Economics, Finances and Marketing. Luiz Fernando has a comprehensive experience in the trade of industrial raw materials and food products in Europe and South America, and in operations in the Brazilian financial market. He is currently in charge of the TSX market intelligence and marketing actions.

Paulo Eduardo Pinto

Chief Executive Officer

Business administrator, Paulo Pinto also has a specialization degree from the Board Development Program of Fundação Dom Cabral in subjects related to Strategy, Economics and Finances, People, Processes and Projects. Having a wide experience in import and export operations, tax arrangements, loan guarantees, tax system fruition, and in logistical coordination, Paulo Pinto is currently in charge of TSX corporate office.